I'm running CentOS, and it has pre-installed Python 2.6.6. But I want to use Python 3.5, the latest version. So I have installed Python 3.5 on my server. It's working properly.

I just compile Python code like this:

Python 2.6:

python file.py

Python 3.5:

python3.5 file.py

These commands compile my code with the specific versions.

But I want to install Django with Python 3.5.1. For example, if I use

pip install Django

I know it will install Django, but will it install Django with pre-installed Python 2.6 or the latest 3.5?

How can I force pip to install Django with Python 3.5?

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What you should do is install Django in a virtualenv and not directly in your python installation (2.6 nor 3.5). Where you install virtualenv is not important (it probably goes into the 2.6 install):

pip install virtualenv

now create a 3.5 virtualenv by doing:

virtualenv -p $(which python3.5) /opt/django

(adapt the /opt/django to your needs), and then install within this 3.5 based virtualenv:

/opt/django/bin/pip install django

or first activate the virtualenv (in Bash) and then install

source /opt/django/bin/activate
pip install django

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