i just want to cross compile net snmp for arm cortex a9 (cyclone v soc altera). can anybody tell me how to proceed step by step?in custum board my ram is 4 gb and sd card 8 gb .i want to compile full version .


Not tested with this particular package and architecture but generally it should work as long as configuration needed (e.g. Kernel version) is not too odd:

  1. Get Buildroot from https://buildroot.org/
  2. Install the required packages from https://buildroot.org/downloads/manual/manual.html#requirement-mandatory
  3. Do make menuconfig, choose your architecture, Linux Kernel and whether you want to compile with glibc or uclibc, dynamically or statically and such. Exit (Esc-Esc) and confirm to save the settings.
  4. make toolchain
  5. make netsnmp
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