I am tunneling an outgoing TCP connection over a TUN interface set up by a program I wrote. The TUN interface basically just relays the packets to/from a proxy server, with minimal modifications (source/destination IP/port, TCP checksum).

Running wget on an IP routed thru this TUN interface, the packets appear to be sent and received correctly (see the trace), but somehow the SYN/ACK that comes back from the server does not register with the TCP stack, and the socket remains in a SYN_SENT state in "netstat -t". Spurious retransmits are then generated endlessly (until timeout) in both directions.

Here are the commands I use to set it up:

ip link set dev tun0 up
ip addr add dev tun0 
ip route add dev tun0

followed by


Here is the wireshark trace pcap here:

wget wireshark trace


I seem to have found the problem: I needed to compute the IPv4 header checksum for the incoming packets before writing them to the TUN interface, since I modify them.

  • To be honest, I though of that too, but since you were writing you were already dealing with that...why are you mucking up directly with packets instead of trying to put iptables to use? – Rui F Ribeiro May 26 '16 at 10:09

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