I have two WLAN interfaces, and I want to disable one of them for NetworkManager, so that if I run something like service network-manager stop, all the interfaces should stop except on of the WLAN interfaces.

I checked only certain things, and I found that I need to specify something like this:




The point is that, I have specified the MAC of the interface that I want not to be touched, but then again, when I run service network-manager stop, they are both disabled. Please note that the interface that I want to keep active is wlan1. Any ideas, how can I disable an interface for NetworkManager, so it cannot manipulate the interface?


To disable your interface run the following command:

ip link set wlan0 down

To disable it at boot edit /etc/rc.local add the following line :

ifconfig wlan0 down

before the "exit 0" line .

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  • I just want to disable the interface for NetworkManager, so that, if I have an interface that is connected to the Internet, after running service network-manager stop, I want that interface still to be up and have Internet connection. – typos May 25 '16 at 22:44
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    init is already root when it executes rc.local. Don't use sudo where it's not needed. – Shadur Oct 26 '17 at 10:38

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