I really need to get an array to a subshell so the processes can run together in one script. I know I cannot export an array but is it possible to send it through a pipe to a subshell, and how would I do that? Let's say I have a function running(); what would the content need to be so I could update the array in it when it changes in the main program. I would not like to store the array in files since that would be too slow.


Just make a function using myfunction() ( ... ) instead of myfunction() { ... } (so it will run in a subshell) and pass in your array as function arguments.

myfunc() (
  for f in "$@"; do
    printf '%s\n' "$f"

myfunc these arguments "are passed" 'to myfunc'

myarray=( "These values" "are set as" part 'of an array' )

myfunc "${myarray[@]}"

Output looks like:

are passed
to myfunc
These values
are set as
of an array

Note: That's just an example function, but actually here is a simpler version that does the same thing:

myfunc_simpler() (
  printf '%s\n' "$@"

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