In bash how can I issue a command to a running process I just started?

For example;

# Start Bluez gatttool then Connect to bluetooth device 
gatttool -b $MAC -I
connect # send 'connect' to the gatttool process?

Currently my shell script doesn't get to the connect line because the gatttool process is running.

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    you can try echo "connect" | gatttool -b $MAC -I – mazs May 25 '16 at 6:43
  • @mazs I need to send about 10 commands to gatttool. Would that still work? Could I send one long string with many different commands? – sazr May 25 '16 at 6:45
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    nope....in that case try using expect – mazs May 25 '16 at 6:45
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    Not sure what commands do you want to execute, but it seems like you can use gatttool in non-interactive mode as well, that would be simpler than writing an expect script. Check here for example : humbug.in/2014/… – mazs May 25 '16 at 6:50
  • i've added the /expect tag to your question. click on it to search for other questions with that tag. – cas May 25 '16 at 8:22

This works!

you can try

echo "connect" | gatttool -b $MAC -I

Full credit to mazs.

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