I am still at the beginning and just wondering how to uninstall totally WordPress and then reinstall it. I installed first time from this tutorial.

  • I'm sure arzyfex wanted to say DROP DATABASE wordpress – lese May 24 '16 at 9:56
  1. go to your html folder

    cd /var/www/html

check current files in the html folder using ls command


delete wordpress installation folder from there . you can use terminal to do that.

sudo rm -rf *

remember -rf forcefully delete all sub-directories . -r > remove the entire directory and all its contents, including subdirectories.

f -> force delete ( only if you need ) .

and * delete is saying "delete all " so be carefull when you perform these actions . I just add * assuming you don't have any other files inside html folder other than wordpress installation.

or you can open nautilus there using

sudo nautilus . 

and delete all files there , make sure to not delete other folders if you have any .other than wordpress installation files.

delete database from mysql .

goto mysql using

mysql -u root -p 

it will prompt asking password . type your mysql password if you have any added when you install mysql . else just press enter without password .

check your databases using

show databases;

and find your database in this case i assume it is call "wordpress"

drop it using

drop database wordpress;

it will prompt successful message .

thats all .

when you install wordpress next time in your localhost , be sure to install inside to folder . not directly into /var/www/html

you can achieve that by

sudo mkdir /var/www/html/wordpress 

and move to wordpress when you moving

sudo rsync -avP ~/wordpress/ /var/www/html/wordpress

let us know if you have any trouble.

  • Make sure you keep backup before doing this. find folder called wordpress in /var/www and delete them using rm -rf or if you have extracted the content of wordpress in /var/www then simply remove contents of /var/www/html/.
  • If you have installed wordpress using apt-get then use sudo apt-get purge wordpress.
  • remove the database from mysql using DROP DATABASE wordpress.
  • then follow the procedure to install.

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