I went the lazy route and cloned my SSD that runs my current pfsense (2.1.5) machine to create a backup machine with the same config. Instead of doing a fresh reinstall and copying the config.

Both machines have the exact same hardware and BIOS settings. Both SSD's I used, main and clone are the same (size and brand).

I used clonezilla to create the clone.

During the boot of my "backup" machine I got the error:


Trying to mount root from ufs:/dev/ad4s1a ROOT MOUNT ERROR

Following the ?: http://puu.sh/p2PDm/7877dbf8cf.jpg

It's so weird that this happend as it was a 1:1 clone. Also /dev/ad4s1a exists

Anyone have any ideas how to: 1. Solve my current problem? 2. Avoid this during a clone?


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I know if you hit the ? it will list the drives and you can then tell it by ufs:/dev/ad4s1a (if that is where pfsense is) .. Once that works and boots you can then edit a file and update that to what you found is boot point. I am right now trying find the file to change

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