I'm writing a kernel module that receives interrupts for mpc8308 (PowerPC) board. when I make the code for Ubuntu and my current version of kernel it works well with interrupt of keyboard, but when I Cross build it for mpc8308 board ( kernel) and I want to load it into kernel with insmod command I get error:

insmod: cannot insert './intrpt.ko': Function not implemented

my code is:

#include <linux/kernel.h>
#include <linux/module.h>
#include <linux/interrupt.h>

#define DRIVER_DESC "A sample driver"

static irqreturn_t irq_handler(int irq, void *dev_id, struct pt_regs *regs)
  printk(KERN_ALERT "Hello Interrupt world.\n");
  return IRQ_HANDLED;
* Initialize the module − register the IRQ handler
int init_module()
  free_irq(1, NULL);
  return request_irq(1, irq_handler, IRQF_SHARED, "test_keyboard_irq_handler",
                    (void *)(irq_handler));
* Cleanup
void cleanup_module()
  free_irq(1, NULL);


and output of modinfo ./intrpt.ko is:

filename:       ./intrpt.ko
description:    A sample driver
license:        GPL
vermagic: mod_unload

I also faced this problem while inserting module into the kernel. Enter your current kernel version correctly go to cd /lib/modules/your-kernel-version-gereric/ directory and check whether build directory is present or not. If present then you can directly compile your module using below command

make -C /lib/modules/$(shell uname -r)/build M=$(PWD)

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