I have accidentaly purged some system files and now Kubuntu 14.04 won't boot past the start up logo.

I read online that I can perform changes on my system through my LiveUSB and the BASH chroot command.

How can I explicitly 'reinstall' the essential files from my LiveUSB to my system?

Im am fairly new to Linux and not entirely sure about mounting disks, mountpoints, etc., which I understand is necessry to use chroot.


This has been answered a number of times online, these two look like a pretty good place to start:

What's the proper way to prepare chroot to recover a broken Linux installation?
How to restore a system after accidentally removing all kernels?

If you have specific problems while going through a tutorial you can create a question for that (provided it hasn't already been answered). Good Luck!

  • thanks for your answer. I have found the second link myself and tried it out previously, but got an error after step 3, line 2, telling me that the mount point didn't exist(?!). As I said, not too sure about mounting... – Douglas James Bock May 23 '16 at 0:26
  • A mount point is just an existing file path. So if you get an error: mount: mount point /foo/bar does not exist you can fix it with: mkdir -p /foo/bar (You may need to be root in oder to make the directory depending on where you are trying to make it.) – user1794469 May 23 '16 at 0:31

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