I want to see the mode of file/folder foo, in the form drwxrwxrwx. I would normally do ls -lah | grep foo, but in this case the folder had so many subfolders, that it took a long time for ls to run. Is there an alternative way that would run quickly? Also I'm a bit annoyed by the use of grep, because maybe my file is called May and then every file that has a creation date in the month of May would show up? Is there a way to avoid that?

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    Why not just ls -lh foo? – roaima May 22 '16 at 9:39
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    You can add the -d flag to prevent it from descending into subdirectories – steeldriver May 22 '16 at 10:01

As steeldriver commented, the easiest way is to use ls's -d flag:

-d, --directory list directory entries instead of contents, and do not dereference symbolic links


just use the stat tool:

stat filename

with this you can see all options, so with -f you could specify an own format:

man stat

Call ls -l on the file/directory itself.

ls -lhd foo

If it's got a name you're not 100% sure of, use expandable terms:

ls -lhd foo*

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