So I converted a usb live linux install (Tails) from USB to virtualbox using VBoxManage convertfromraw.

For it to boot in virtualbox, I need to remove one thing from the boot commandline (live-media=removable).

This option is not in the usual /etc/default/grub or grub.d locations. I did find it in:


I'm not sure how that ends up in the grub commandline. In fact, there is nothing in /boot/grub except unicode.pf2, so I think there is some other mechanism going on here.

This is EFI, also. I'm reluctant to run update-grub in case this command line is being put together in a different manner.


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Boot it (in virtualbox) and press esc to bring up the grub menu and from there edit the command-line.

Once it's running edit the grub config and run update-grub.

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