I have this MCVE under SLES 11 SP2:

1) Server has the directory /foo/. Inside /foo there is a directory bar/ which is used in /etc/fstab : /foo/bar

2) Server has an NFS export of /foo which means that /foo/bar is included in this export.

And now something very strange happens: When I access the NFS share on a Windows Server 2012 R2 then the /foo/bar/ directory is empty even /foo/bar/ has lot of entries.

When I access the NFS share directly on the Windows Server 2012 R2 then I can see its content.

The same happens when /foo is a Samba share which includes the NFS share.

Any write operation into this embedded NFS share is denied but when I write directly into the share then it works.

Under Samba I am using the hide files directive to hide the bar/ directory and prevent any problems. But under NFS I cannot exclude this directory.

Any idea what is going on? Is it forbidden to embed NFS shares?

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