Is there a recommendable way to get the bytes size of an URL with all referenced images, CSS and javascript files (the number of bytes a normal visitor has to receive before the page has fully loaded in the browser) by means of command line utilities? Something like (fictious):

wget --output-format=mozilla-archive-format --with-referenced-content --compression=0       \
    'http://www.example.com/' > temp.maff && stat -c%s temp.mapp ; rm temp.maff

I would aggree to limitations like, not including references that are dynamically generated and loaded by scripts, …. Just the basic information, getting 4,000,000 when there is a 15,000 bytes HTML page with a 3,985,000 bytes image in it, would be already worth looking at. I currently have a Perl script doing the very basic:

use URI;
$html = `wget -qO - '$ARGV[0]'`;
$sum = length($html);
while($html =~ /\bsrc="(.*?)"/g){
    $url = URI->new_abs($1, $ARGV[0]);
    $head = `curl -I --silent '$url'`;
    if($head =~ /Content-Length: ?(\d+)/){
        $size = scalar($1);
        $size = length(`wget -qO - '$url'`);
    $sum += $size;
print "$sum\n";

However, this has many drawbacks. Only one level of links being followed, no script evaluation, …. Any better approach, maybe a one-liner using mature tools, would be appreciated.


The relevant wget option is -p/--page-requisites:

This option causes Wget to download all the files that are necessary to properly display a given HTML page. This includes such things as inlined images, sounds, and referenced stylesheets.

-H/--span-hosts is also recommended if the page uses anything from another site (gravatar, google APIs).

-O/--output-document will output it all to a single file, without any markup or structure. This is not very helpful most of the time, but good enough if you only need to know its size.

wget -p -H 'http://www.example.com/' -O tempfile
wc -c < tempfile
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