I have a RAID-0 setup on two identical hard disks (same brand and model). The partition table is identical on both (I have cloned it). However, /dev/md0 occupies only part of the disks, because I had to do some juggling with data I had on a previous installation, so I could not just wipe out everything.

Anyway, I set up LVM on md0, and created some logical volumes, including one for swap. But when I use mkswap, it complains about the partition being misaligned:

sudo mkswap /dev/vg000/swap
mkswap: warning: /dev/vg000/swap is misaligned
Setting up swapspace version 1, size = 8 GiB (8589930496 bytes)

Am I supposed to worry about this? If it only means some Mb of swap won't be usable, that's fine. But if it means I may have memory corruption because swapping won't work properly, then, obviously, I'd like to know how to fix it!

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This is a warning based on information provided by the kernel. Misalignment mostly has performance impacts; on SSDs it may result in additional wear. It won't cause corruption!

Software RAID 10 + LVM on mixed drives, sector alignment? has lots of useful information on this, including recipes to set things up correctly.

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