I'm new to python and I've been trying to update from python 2 to 3 by doing apt-get install python3 and it installed but when I type python --version on my terminal the version is 2.7.9. How can I uninstall python2 and make python3 the default version?


Wing IDE has a configuration dialog box where you can set the path to your preferred python interpreter, over-riding the default.

To do so, select the Custom radio-button for Python Executable in the Project Properties dialog box and then either entering a path or clicking on the Browse button.

The Project Properties dialog is apparently accessible from the Project menu and the toolbar.

More info at https://wingware.com/doc/intro/tutorial-python-path


python2 and python3 are incompatible with each other, and a lot of the software only work with python2. So, apt-get does not overwrite python2 when you install python3.
You should call Python3 with python3 command and use #!/usr/bin/python3 as the shebang in your scripts.


You may have to run python3 instead of python, python2 is still installed on your system.

  • okay I see, so the question should be how to remove python 2 – Katz May 19 '16 at 0:13
  • You can remove the "python" package using apt-get remove python. You can check which file belongs to which package using dpkg -S .. e.g dpkg -S `which python` – keda May 19 '16 at 0:35
  • I just read doing so is not a good idea, because a lot of things on my system are using python2 for functionality. I'm trying to make python3 the default version for Wing IDE – Katz May 19 '16 at 0:37

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