I have a c++ program that is running perfectly fine if I run it by executing,

sudo /Morreels/./launcher

Sadly the same line (without sudo) won't work in the rc.local file on startup... When trying to execute rc.local on startup it gives me the following error:

failed to start rc.local see compatibility 'systemctl-daemon'

When I try to start the rc.local service by executing :

service rc.local start

Then it gives me the following error

Unit file of rc.local service changed on disk, 'system daemon-reload' recommended. Job for rc-local.service failed. See 'systemctl status rc-local.service' and 'journalctl -xn' for details

Below (picture) I have what I get when typing : 'systemctl status rc-local.service'

My program (launcher) relies on MySQL & A connection between arduino and ModBusMaster(485), I have been thinking that maybe these services haven't been started and thats why it fails, but I cant seem to find how to include those services into the startup list (as in msconfig for windows)



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Simply adding my sudo /Morreels/./launcher line to the .bashrc file in /home/pi folder ran everything and fixed it !

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