I have a text file with 9 fields separated by :


How do I pull field 1 and 8 only to a separate file

for example it would look like this,


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One of many ways:

$ awk -F: '{print $1":"$8}' <file>

and as @cas as pointed out, where OFS is the "Output Field Separator"

$ awk -F: -v OFS=: '{print $1,$8}'
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    hard-coding a single double-quoted : character is OK when you're only printing two fields, but it gets tedious and error-prone very quickly if you want to print more fields. It's better to set the Output Field Separator (OFS) to :. e.g. awk -F: -v OFS=: '{print $1,$8}'. hard-coding it is also a pain if you ever want to change it (e.g. to a tab or a comma), as you'd then have to manually change every occurrence. – cas May 19 '16 at 0:14

Another version using cut :

cut -d: -f1,8 file > newfile

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