I would like to set a container use the vpn for only network interface.

I have used the pptpsetup and pon make a pptp connection works, and got a ppp0 interface.

Now, I want all internet connection in the systemd-nspawn container go through the ppp0 .

How can I make it work?

systemd-nspawn --network-interface=ppp0

ppp0 will disappear from the host namespace. You can't share one IP address with a container and not your other IP addresses. (Apart from doing NAT).

It looks like this might require a very recent kernel though. http://www.spinics.net/lists/netdev/msg339236.html

OR (machine is created after ppp0):

systemd-nspawn --private-network

ip link set dev ppp0 netns $PID

where $PID is the pid in the host namespace of a process in container, obtained using

P=$(machinectl $MACHINE_NAME show --property=Leader)

and $MACHINE_NAME is the value passed to the -M option of systemd-nspawn

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