I am working on a project where I am looking to extract a video clip from an input video. I have found many links(Eg : link) which do this task, but in all this I have to specify video duration.

Unfortunately I don't have that information as I am giving a file-path. What I am looking for is a 10 seconds clip from the video which is saved at specific location without the audio part.

My intention is to show that 10 seconds video as a preview of the actual video in the front end, and I don't want to start sound in that.


You are most likely after:

ffmpeg -i "A_File.mp4" -ss 00:00:0.0 -t 10 -an "B_File.mp4"

To do it a bit faster you can also try adding -threads $(nproc) eg:

ffmpeg -threads $(nproc) -i "A_File.mp4" -ss 00:00:0.0 -t 10 -an "B_File.mp4"

There is already a substantial number of articles and documentation on achieving these results including:



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