Does Forever always have its own log file? I have the following process running:

data:        uid            command       script                   forever pid   id logfile                    uptime
data:    [0] staff-intranet /usr/bin/node staff-intranet-server.js 24123   26733    /root/.forever/logfile.txt 0:0:10:47.967

However, my config file looks like this:

// Staff Intranet Configuration File
    "uid": "staff-intranet",
    "append": true,
    "script": "staff-intranet-server.js",
    "sourceDir": "/path/to/file/staff-intranet",
    "outFile": "/path/to/file/staff-intranet/output.txt",
    "errFile": "/path/to/file/staff-intranet/errors.txt",
    "logFile": "/path/to/file/staff-intranet/logs.txt"

But the logfile is still stored list as being stored in /root/.forever/logfile.txt. Why is it not being stored in /path/to/file/staff-intranet/logs.txt?

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You can put:

-p /path/to/file/staff-intranet/  

to put base path for all forever related files (pid files, etc.)

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