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I wanted to ask if it was possible to translate the man and man explanations from the terminal (in Italian language). If, for example, use:

man cd

Instead of running in English I would that will print in Italian.

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You can run it from your terminal:

man --locale=it

First off, you have to have the man pages written in the language of your choice, obviously Italian for you. Then you check if the Italian language is in your locale. Run locale -a and see if you see something similar to it_CH.iso88591 or it_CH.utf8. If you do, you are good so far, if not, edit /etc/locale.gen and uncomment the language sets you want. Then, as root user, run the command locale-gen.

LANG=it_CH.utf8 man command_name_here

again you must see the it_CH.utf8 on the output of locale -a and you have to have man page written in Italian for the command you want to see the man page for.

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