Usually i migrate virtual machine to new bigger disk following this procedure

a)Attach new disk
b)Mount to mnt
c)rsync -avogpP --delete /olddirs /mnt/newdirs
except for tmp proc sys dev,i use to mount them
with -o bind
d)then i chroot to mnt

install lilo,make initrd lilo -v and on reboot all works.. on Slackware. On Debian i see this problem lvm is not see from initramfs on boot i see debian try to mount with a lot of

debian scripts/local-block...

and then give me to (initramfs) menu From this i can mount root with

lvm pvscan
lvm vgscan
lvm vgchange -ay

then i mount /dev/vg0/root /root and exit and..kernel panic. What i miss? Of course i have remake the initramfs with mkinitramfs -k kernelversion -v and give lilo -v

This is kernel panic after mount /dev/vg00/root /root

enter image description here

  • What did the kernel panic from? Why did the initramfs fail to bring up LVM (there should be failure messages)? (Side note, why are you still running LILO‽) (Side note 2, if you're using LVM, why don't you move things to new disks using pvmove?) – derobert May 16 '16 at 16:26

"Solution" found..update to grub I prefer lilo,but strange doesn't work with this procedure.

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