I'm using terminator and would like it to start up pre-configured with remote connections established, I do achieve this by setting ssh user@host in the command = field in ~/.config/terminator/config for my respective terminator child. Now, as soon as I reboot that rtemote host, my terminator child closes down which is not optimal;, I would like it to just terminate the connection but not close the whole window. How can I get around this? I haven'yt tried it yet but something like ssh localhost ssh user@host might work? Does anyone have experience with this?


Something like:

ssh host; echo "Reconnect?"; while read; do ssh host; echo "Reconnect?"; done

in your command should do the job. It connects to your host and when the connection is lost, it asks you for a reconnect.

Or just simply as you wanted:

ssh host; bash

will connect to your host and when the connection ends, it gives you new shell

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