Given a string of characters ,,a,,,b,,,, I want to impose the character - at the beginning, if no character is preceded comma, and between every comma that has no character. Meaning the result is -,-,a,-,-,b,-,-,-,-. Now, I already tried:

echo ",,a,,,b,,,," | sed 's/,/,-/g' | sed 's/-\([^,]\)/\1/g' | sed 's/^,/-&/g'

resulting in: -,-,a,-,-,b,-,-,-,-

But the problem is, invoking sed 3 times is inefficient in very long iterations. Is there a way to do this with sed, probably using regex, or any other tool invoking it once?


One way to do it in sed would be to use a loop:

$ echo ",,a,,,b,,,," | sed ':a; s/\(^\|,\)\(,\|$\)/\1-\2/; ta'

If your version supports extended regular expressions you can simplify it to a more readable

sed -E ':a; s/(^|,)(,|$)/\1-\2/; ta'

An alternate way to do it in perl, splitting into comma-separated fields and then mapping empty fields to hyphens:

perl -anle 'print join ",", map { $_ ? $_ : "-" } split(",", $_, -1)'

(The additional -1 argument to the split forces trailing empty fields to be included).

(echo ,,a,,,b,,,,; echo a,,b) | perl -pe 's/(^|,)\K(?=(,|$))/-/g' 

I guess I should learn sed one of these years.

  • Try this tutorial one of these years. ;) – Wildcard May 15 '16 at 6:13
  • Thank you very much for your answer. But when I input 'a,,a,,,b,,,,' it gives '-a,-,a,-,-,b,-,-,-,-'. How do I avoid inputting - when there is a letter before the first ,? – mark_infinite May 15 '16 at 13:45
echo ",,a,,,b,,,," |
  awk -v 'FS=,' -v 'OFS=,' '{for (i=1; i<=NF; i++) sub(/^$/,"-",$i); print};'
$ echo ',,a,,,b,,,,' | sed 's/\(\([^,]\+,\)*\),/\1-,/g; s/\(^\|,\)$/\1-/'

The second expression (the s/\(^\|,\)$/\1-/) is necessary only because sed seems to stop matching when it has reached the end of the pattern space, even though it could still match a $ if the only expression were s/\(\([^,]\+,\)*\)\(,\|$\)/\1-\3/g.

Of course, sed -E makes it a bit more readable, but otherwise equivalent:

sed -E 's/(([^,]+,)*),/\1-,/g; s/(^|,)$/\1-/'

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