I'm using Mac OSX Yosemite, and I use istats to get CPU temperatures: istats_output

I wanted to put my CPU temperature in my tmux status bar, so I made my tmux config the following:


As you can see, when I ran :source-file ~/.tmux.conf, tmux is printing the ANSI codes as text, rather than rendering the colors. How do I make tmux render the color codes, rather than printing them out as text?


I solved the problem by writing a simple python script to replace the ANSI codes with tmux color variables.


s = raw_input("")

s = s.replace('\x1b[32m', '#[fg=colour10]')
s = s.replace('\x1b[93m', '#[fg=colour11]')
s = s.replace('\x1b[0m', '#[fg=colour255]')

print s

I just pipe the output to the script: istats | grep "CPU temp" | ansi2tmuxcolors.py


I generalized Subliminalmau5 answer by writing a separate shell with

sed -r 's,\x1b\[38;5;([0-9]+)m,#[fg=colour\1],g'|sed -r 's,\x1b\[1m,#[bold],g'|sed -r 's,\x1b\[0m,#[default],g'

which translated all 256 colors of ANSI to tmux.

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