My input variable $dirPath contains directory path. The action is to be able to retrieve the last N values in the directory path, where N is passed through a variable $depth. For a fixed N value (say 2) I'm able to achieve this through

subDir=$(echo $dirPath|awk -F "/" '{n= 2; for (--n; n >= 0; n--){ printf "%s/", $(NF-n)} print ""}')

However if I try to replace 2 in the above command with a variable as n=$depth, the subDir variable is empty. So how can I pass a variable value to the above command?


If you would like to pass a bash variable to awk then all you need is to use awk's -v parameter :

awk -v n=$depth -F "/"...

Since you're using bash, no need for external tools such as awk

#read path constituents into array arr
IFS=/ read -ra arr <<<"$dirPath"
#print the last two
(IFS=/; printf '%s\n' "${arr[*]:(-n)}")

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