I am trying to perform a sync using Unison (2.40.102) where I want to ignore all files with a specific extension, say *.ext, but not ignore the files with this extension if they are in a specific subfolder.

Folder structure:


As the folder structure is not constant, I cannot just ignore only specific paths, but have to do this very generally. My idea was to first ignore all the files with the extension *.ext and then un-ignore the ones below dir_I_want_to_sync. However, that is were I am failing to find the right command...

The relevant parts of my profile file look like this:

# Ignore all files with extension *.ext
ignore = Name {.,}*{.ext}

# Try to not ignore the files within the subdirectory (NOT WORKING)
ignorenot = Path */dir_I_want_to_sync/*             # 1)
ignorenot = Name */dir_I_want_to_sync/{*/}*{.ext}   # 2)

1) Does not do anything, because the files are ignored by their filename, not their path
2) Was meant to reverse the ignore on all the files in dir_I_want_to_sync, but it does not catch all subfolders.

Is there any way to apply the ignorenot = Name ... to a file regardless of how deep it is in the directory structure, as long as it is below a directory with a specific name?

(I hope, this was not too confusing. I am happy to clarify!)

  • Try ignorenot = Regex */dir_I_want_to_sync/.*\.ext. Please let me know if this works. – Mike Pierce May 12 '16 at 19:19
  • Or potentially better, try ignorenot = BelowPath full/path/to/the/dir_I_want_to_sync/with/ext/files/underneath/{.*,*}.ext. Note that in a Path the * matches any string of characters except the / character, so you can't use it to represent arbitrary paths. – Mike Pierce May 12 '16 at 19:34
  • @mapierce271 Ah, so that's why 2)did not work! Thanks for your note. In the Regex it seems like the initial . is missing, right? – compare to @Gilles answer. Unfortunately, I could not get the BelowPath to work, although it seems like a handy option as well! But the Regex did the job, thanks! :) – blsqr May 13 '16 at 9:14

Use Regex instead of Path when you need to match an arbitrary directory depth.

ignore = Name *.ext
ignorenot = Regex .*/dir_I_want_to_sync/.*\.ext

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