I've got a Dell XPS 13' (9350), with a Dell USB-C to HDMI adapter, connected to a screen. I'm running NixOS with XMonad. The screen (set to HDMI input) shows "no input signal" despite:

  • xrandr showing the screen as "connected", with expected resolution (xrandr)
  • kernel version 4.4.8 should support Skylake processor (uname -a)
  • lsmod shows i915 as being loaded (lsmod | grep i915)
  • screenshots show the second screen, including windows

I don't think the second screen shows up in lshw, but then how can xrandr see it? I'm not sure where to look next. I hope anyone here does.

EDIT: I just found out that a VGA cable connected to the same adapter does work.


I purchased a second USB-C to HDMI adapter, and everything works perfectly with it. Conclusion: The first adapter I had is broken.

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