I want to have ftp user who have only access to /var/www and work on all of files, but the problems arise when I give permission to /var/www, exactly chown. I try with chgrp but then I cannot edit files. I hope that you see my problem, so can I please you to give me some advice how to solve my problem or give me other solution.

I am using apache2, php5, mysql and proftpd.


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This is the way, I did it:

  • create new user newftpuser:

    adduser newftpuser

  • create new group caneditwww:

    addgroup caneditwww

  • add newftpuser to that group:

    usermod -a -G caneditwww newftpuser

  • change group ownership for all files and dirs in /var/www:

    chgrp -R caneditwww /var/www

  • modify group permissions on /var/www, so group members can modify the content:

    chmod -R g+w /var/www

  • optionally mount directory /var/www to home directory of newftpuser:

    mkdir /home/newftpuser/www
    mount /var/www /home/newftpuser/www -o bind`

Now, after login, newftpuser can edit everything in /var/www, which he finds in /home/newftpuser/www.

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    This is almost certainly a horrible idea. What if you have more sites set up in /var/www? This is standard practice on large servers. You have now given write access to everything to that one user and anyone else in the new group.
    – terdon
    Jul 4, 2019 at 10:30

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