How can I verify that a remote machine is part of a Veritas cluster?

I just created the following ssh command to verify if the remote machine is a VRTS cluster or a Linux availability Red Hat cluster

 ssh LinuxTSR "ls /usr/sbin/clustat /opt/VRTS 2>/dev/null" | wc -l

If I get number that is different from 0, it is a VRTS or Red Hat cluster. But this approach isn't so elegant. Please help me to find more elegant way in order to verify if the remote machine is in a cluster.

  • Can you just use [ -e /usr/sbin/clustat ] || [ -e /opt/VRTS ]? (I don't have a way to check, but I believe this should be equivalent to your check.) Test by appending && echo "in cluster". – Wildcard May 9 '16 at 20:54

An elegant solution is perhaps "ansible"

I have no way to check with "a veritas cluster", but :

ansible yourhost -m setup
  • gather a list of facts from your host.
  • In this list, check if you have something about "veritas",
  • then you can filter to get only the fact about veritas :

    ansible yourhost -m setup -a 'filter=yourmagic'

of course replace "yourmagic" with the keywork found

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