I've been looking through a couple of manuals and tutorials, most concerning Arch Linux, but I seem to be finding slightly contradicting things.

So, I use XFCE4 on Fedora 23, and the network manager that comes with that (nm-applet).

I'd like to create a WLAN hotspot with the WLAN adapter in the laptop I'm using, and bridging that with the wired connection of the laptop.

I was unable to do that.

The network manager tries to connect to another WLAN network it sees, even when instructed to enable the Hotspot or Ad-Hoc modes I've configured.

when running iw phy0 info, the supported modes list looks like this:

Supported interface modes:
         * IBSS
         * managed
         * monitor

which leaves me wondering, if AP (which is missing in that list) mode is even possible.

I can only assume, that once having configured the WLAN-AP, I'd then have to configure a bridge with both the WLAN device and the Ethernet device bridged together.

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