Some might say this doesn't work, but it does, this website does what I want. Can you do this with any common tool like ffmpeg? Or maybe there is a python script somewhere? I couldn't find anything on the net.


With waon:

waon -i inputfile -o outputfile.mid
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    You should've let Nick Weinberg post this answer and accept it. Like that it's a little unfair... – polemon Aug 25 '16 at 0:07
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    @polemon He posted his comment 3 months ago. I got the solution from his comment, but since he didn't post an answer I did it myself. – DisplayName Aug 25 '16 at 1:51
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    @polemon not at all. Answers posted as comments are fair game. DisplayName did the right thing, now this question has an answer that can be voted on instead of remaining unanswered with the solution hidden in the comments. – terdon Aug 25 '16 at 9:31

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