I've read the GNOME Help for Centos 7 in order to receive files from my phone via bluetooth. It suggests me to enable Bluetooth Sharing in Settings → Sharing, and switch Save Received Files to Downloads Folder to ON. However there is no such setting, there are only "remote desktop" and "remote shell" settings. GNOME Help tells that gnome-user-share should be installed first. Maybe it is the reason why there is no bluetooth setting in Sharing. I've tried yum install gnome-user-share but there is no such package available. So, how to receive files via bluetooth in Centos 7 actually?

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After encountering this same issue, my conclusion is that the documentation is simply incorrect, and it's not yet possible to utilize gnome-user-share out of the box in CentOS 7.

It appears that gnome-user-share is not pre-packaged for Centos 7, perhaps because it was a GNOME 2 extension in CentOS 6, whereas CentOS 7 uses GNOME 3 by default.
(See here for quick reference)

Since gnome-user-share is released against gnome-shell versions, one could possibly build it themselves for CentOS 7 from the gnome 3.14 branch.

However, it's also possible it is not included in CentOS 7 due to issues with other dependencies, so that may just be a rabbit hole. FWIW, I can confirm fedora includes it at least back to Fedora 24 targeting gnome 3.18
(as I'm typing this, it appears you discovered that based on your more recent question. )

At any rate, maybe this will save someone else the trouble.

  • So, for Centos 7, there is no solution yet? I am sorry it's hard to understand your words :).
    – fikr4n
    Commented Jan 3, 2017 at 1:29
  • Correct, I do not think there is a solution for CentOS 7 yet. All of the pieces exist and are working with more recent Fedora, but for whatever reason are not packaged for CentOS now.
    – systemexit
    Commented Jan 3, 2017 at 2:06

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