I want to delete the first 12 lines from a file, keep the next 12 lines and repeat this to the end of the file using a Linux command or shell-script.


Pipe it through perl -nle 'print if ((($.-1)/12)%2)'


Using the facilities of GNU awk

awk -v RS='([^\\n]*\n){12}' '!(FNR % 2){printf "%s", RT}' file

sed can choose ranges of lines, then delete them:

sed -i '1~24,+11d' file

Another awk variant:

awk '(NR-1)%24>11' file.txt > result.txt

use tail "reversed"

tail -n +5

prints everything but the first five lines.

head -n 5

prints the first five lines. So if you want to print lines 6 to 10:

cat yourfile | tail -n +5 | head -n 5

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