I'm using Linux Mint 17.3 with Cinnamon. I have a few applications open on the current workspace and was busy tabbing through them to get to a particular terminal window. I think I accidentally pressed something near the tab key because suddenly I was only tabbing through terminal windows! It was a pleasant surprise. I think I'd got to a terminal window, paused to see if it was the one I wanted, and then tried to alt+tab to the next but (as I said) pressed something else. I've been unable to replicate it and can't find it listed as a keyboard shortcut anywhere. Anyone know what I must have pressed??


It is Alt + ` (just above Tab). As far as I know it works generally with Gnome.

There are (probably) all the shortcuts in Cinnamon. Including yours:

Alt + `: Cycle through open windows of the same application on ANY Workspace

  • Thank you! I actually did try that key combination, but I didn't release Alt first; in that case it behaves the same as Alt+Tab. – Richard Wiseman May 6 '16 at 13:42

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