I have a rule in compton (on i3) that when I am in tabbed/stacked mode, I see not a window from the tabbed container but my background image behind my semitransparent terminal. But for some reason, this is not working when thunar is in the tabbed container. I always see thunar behind the terminal. Why? How to fix? What do you need to give help?

snippet: opacity-rule = [ "0:_NET_WM_STATE@:32a *= '_NET_WM_STATE_HIDDEN'" ];

Works for all except thunar (I see thunar and not bg then behind my terminal). Works fully on pc (also for thunar) but works not for thunar on laptop.

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i had kind of the same problem; certain programs didnt seem to take the opacity rule. i changed the opacity-rule to:


which seems to have solved the problem

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