I have a virtual machine hosted on HyperV. It is a SUSE Enterprise 12 OS residing in a rack somewhere in the dark side of our office. This machine is under-performing during a certain load that takes a few hours to complete. I could REXEC the CPU and RAM but couldn't see any anomalies. I am now looking into the possibility of an IO bottleneck and would like to poll the machine for disk reads/writes every 1 minute. However, it seems to have no "in the box" facilities to do that.

I looked up IOtop and IOstat and it looks like this is what I want but they are not recognized on this machine (not installed). When I did the recommended "zypper in iotop", the machine responded:
File '/content' not found on medium 'dir:///mnt'

That's where my linux knowledge ends. Tried to google it but could not find a way to install what I want.

Will very much appreciate your input here! P.S: I have full rights on that machine

  • make sure all needed repositories are enabled – mimi.vx Jan 12 '17 at 10:53

The correct package to install iostat would be sysstat. So if you run:

zypper in sysstat iotop

this would install the iostat and iotop tools.

Anyway, the error you receive is, that you haven't (virtually) inserted the product DVD (image) into the virtual machine.

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