Ok first off I tried installing the nvidia-current-updates but upon reboot both Unity and Cinnamon crashed. Removed them then tried the official 361-42 drivers. I can login to a desktop but there's no window panes nor any panels.

Im running an Asus ROG G751 with a GTX 965M

  • Use LinuxMint instead of Ubuntu, it has much better support for Asus laptops, including nvidia graphics drivers and audio support. – jcarballo Apr 22 at 5:43

I am also running an asus ROG G751 with GTX 965M, and I was also having these problems. I fixed it by disabling Secure Boot.

  • Restart and F2 to enter Bios

  • Go to Security tab and select the Secure Boot option menu

  • Disable Secure Boot, F10 to save and exit

  • Nice I will give that a shot. – Skeer Jun 13 '16 at 16:40

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