In windows, you can and context menu entries that are only shown for specific file types only.

In Dolphin, I know how to add service menu entry using .desktop file. but Is there way to only show those service menus for specific file type?

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Under the section [Desktop Entry] should be the line that specifies the type of file for which that appears: MimeType=.

To limit that to mp4 files, it should be MimeType=video/mp4. To restrict to all videos: MimeType=video/*; to videos AND folders:MimeTypevideo=video/*;inode/directory;.

Also under the section [Desktop Entry] you need to have Type=Service (NOT Application) and the line Actions=, where you have to specify the name or names of the action or actions of the service menu, each action being a separate section of this file with a separate name, of the form [Desktop Action name].

The Exec= line is to be set under each [Desktop Action name] section (NOT under [Desktop Entry]).

Here is an example with multiple actions.

[Desktop Entry]
Name=Download subtitles (filebot)

[Desktop Action en]
Exec=filebot -get-subtitles -rename -non-strict %f
Name=English (filebot)

[Desktop Action fr]
Exec=terminator -e "filebot -get-subtitles --lang fr -rename -non-strict %f" -p ttt
Name=Français (filebot)

[Desktop Action ro]
Exec=terminator -e "filebot -get-subtitles --lang ro -rename -non-strict %f" -p ttt
Name=Româneşte (filebot)

[Desktop Action it]
Exec=terminator -e "filebot -get-subtitles --lang it -rename -non-strict %f" -p ttt
Name=Italiano (filebot)

which will give this for videos and directories:

enter image description here

You may have one or multiple actions.

Other settings under [Desktop Entry]:

X-KDE-Priority=TopLevel will show the action (or its group: see below) directly in the menu, like in the image above; without that, it will be under 'Actions' group.

X-KDE-Submenu=something will group under one menu-group called 'something' all the actions from files that have that line in them. (Even if the actions are in different service menu files, as discussed in this question; also see this question.)

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