I hope somebody more experienced with Qubes specific terminal commands can help.

If the KDE manager is installed, how does one open via terminal input the file manager for 'dom0'? To browse 'Home' in the GUI.

I do not have a dom0: Files in the GUI, like I do for all other Virtual Machines. This opens the Home file structure in the GUI for all the other VMs.

Now dom0 does have a Home. When I had a fuller installation (kde + xfce, select at login) I had an option, in Application Launcher Menu, in System Tools, the name of the file manager was in the system tools menu, which automatically opened Home of dom0.

What do I enter into the dom0 terminal to open Home in whatever file manager is installed. (No, I have no idea what it was called. I did not remember from the other installation. I may or may not be the file manager KDE used, I don't know.) >Or how would I get the file manager for dom0 icon to display in the Application Launcher Menu?

MY FAILED ATTEMPTS SO FAR: Konqueror or Dolphin gives command not found in dom0 Konsole. qvm-run dom0 /home gives me info about /home.

xdg-open /home opens a copy of the Application Launcher Menu, which is still missing the Files or [file manager name] option. If I run in the command area: qubes-vm-setting dom0 applications, which qubes-vm-setting [vmname] applications opens up the shortcuts to programs tool, I get a crash and error log: no such place in /usr. So dom0 does not have a setting tool, rather it is the system setting tool. However it does have a /home directory because it is another VM. Just how to open it in file manager...

Add/remove App shortcuts is grayed out for dom0 in Qubes VM Manager.


Typing thunar /home on a terminal in dom0 opens the Thunar file manager in my Qubes installation that uses the current default xfce environment. I'm not familiar with the current Qubes KDE environment, but Unix/Linux is case sensive. Instead of Konqueror or Dolphin, have you tried konqueror or dolphin?

It's best to access the Home directories in the VMs instead in order to preserve the compartmentalization of your installation.

NB: A shortcut for the GUI of the Thunar File Manager is available also in the xfce environment at Menu/System Tools/Thunar File Manager. I'm not an expert, but I prefer to avoid using any Qt or xfce interfaces especially in dom0 or the template VMs. It might be best to install Midnight Commander (sudo dnf install mc), which provides a GUI file manager within a terminal.

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