I currently have Kali installed on a virtual machine in a Macbook using VirtualBox. Is there a way to configure Kali or VirtualBox to recognise the Macbook's wireless card as it's own wireless card? When installed, Kali automatically recognises the Macbook's wireless card as a wired connection. So I want to change that wired connection to a wireless one. Thanks.


1.) Open VM settings

2.) Navigate to the Network heading

3.) Choose your adapter

4.) Pick Bridged Adapter from the name dropdown menu

Note: this will not show up as a wireless connection but you will be attached to the host's adapter in this case the WLAN card. If you NEED a wireless connection, you must use a USB device, and attach it to the virtual machine from the menu. Once inside Kali run ifconfig and the USB wifi adapter should appear. More details can be found in this video.

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