After much troubleshooting, I finally found a way to map Shift+Mouse-wheel to horizontal scroll, using imwheel. The pertinent part in ~/.imwheelrc is as follows.

Shift_L, Up, Button6, 10
Shift_L, Down, Button7, 10

This maps Shift+Mouse-wheel to horizontal scroll, and also makes it scroll more rapidly. (I've also tried removing the , 10, with the same issues.) When I hold Shift and scroll, some of the events "pass-through", and occasionally it scrolls up or down as well, resulting in a diagonal scroll.

In comparison, when I have the following in ~/.imwheelrc, there are no scroll events that "pass-through".

Shift_L, Up, Left
Shift_L, Down, Right

However, this maps the Left and Right keystrokes to Shift+Mouse-wheel, which will scroll horizontally in some specific cases, but isn't correct for most situations.

How can I prevent imwheel from allowing some scrolling events to "pass-through"?

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