I am creating a ruby gem and to speed my testing I wrote a script to build and install my gem, then to open irb for me to manually poke around.

How can I run the following ruby commands before passing the irb session to the console:

require 'my_gem'




gem build my_gem.gemspec
gem install my_gem-0.0.1.gem

this is similar to the following question, except I need to know how to pass the session back to the console:

How can I create a bash script which runs irb, then some ruby code?

  • I think that in the middle of the script, you could change by typing '#!rubypath' while replacing rubypath to the path to the ruby executable file. – John Militer Apr 28 '16 at 20:48

An excerpt of irb's manpage on Debian "Jessie" 8:

-r library     Same as `ruby -r'.  Causes irb to load the library using require.

For your example, just use the following command:

irb -r my_gem

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