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Is there a way to echo output that being piped to the next command? For example lets say that I can reading filenames from a text file and then running a command on that file:

cat files.txt | xargs -I{} -d"\n" command 

The command runs and the output is displayed in the terminal, is there a way to print out the filename as well?

Lets say the input file contains:


Intended output:

[output of command with file1.txt as input]
[output of command with file2.txt as input]

Is there a way to get file1.txt and file2.txt in stdout as well?

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You better write function :

cat file1.txt | xargs -I{} -d"\n" command >> /dev/console;
cat file2.txt | xargs -I{} -d"\n" command >>/dev/console;

Using cat is more work as you have a subprocess. Using a while loop would be faster I guess

while read filename
# do something with $filename

To get the filename you want to use echo to get the content you can use cat. If you want to stay flexible (and e.g. exchange your cat files.txt with a find .... command you should stay with your invocation of xargs but only do it a file at the time:

 cat files.txt | xargs -L 1 /path/to/your_script

with your_script:

echo $1
cat $1

Shell command tee does exactly what you are asking for (echoes output that is being piped to the next command). Just pipe it to tee (some_command | tee). Lookup man pages for the command to get exact usage, examples and any other details.

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