Recently, caja refuses to "mount" smb locations for which it previously gave no complaint. Usually, I would access various share points using caja by typing smb://<server>/<share_name> in the Location text-box. When the credentials dialogue window opened, I would type my username, domain and password as appropriate for the company. Usually, this was sufficient but no longer.

Now, I do that same process and the dialogue window immediately re-appears asking for the same information. It simply will not take the credentials. I can mount the same share point using mount from the command line, using the exact same credentials, without issue: sudo mount -t cifs -o credentials=<path/to/creds>,uid=andy //<server>/<share_name> <mount_point>. What might be causing this? Oh, also, where would caja be writing its logs? I can't find anything relevant in dmesg and listing the contents of /var/log wasn't as fruitful as I'd hoped.

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