I have a script job.sh in /home/user/scripts, which is then symlinked to /home/user/bin/job. The custom binaries path has been included in .bashrc, so whenever I issue the command job param1 etc from the cli everything works as expected.

When said command has to be run through a cronjob, it doesn't. On the other hand, if the cronjob refers to the full path (/home/user/bin/job instead of simply job) everything runs fine.

Any pointer on how to tackle this issue?

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cron intentionally runs with a limited environment (including a restricted path, it does not have the same path as your standard shell).

You either need to run a script (including the full path to the script) which then sets a path variable internally, or you need to set the path in the crontab line itself.

One example of that is,

12 0 * * * (export PATH=$PATH:/somedirectory; job)

Really though, it's safer to just include the full path to whatever you're running in the crontab, and set the path correctly in your scripts that cron executes.

  • got it, thanks for the clear explaination!
    – nxet
    Apr 26, 2016 at 16:42

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