I need to configure xfreerdp to be set as 15 bpp every time is launched, without the need of use the

# xfreerdp --sec rdp -a 15 --no-bmp-cache srvaddr

Opening the config.txt of xfreerdp, shows me the IP of the server, and if I add /bpp:15 or -a 15, the program won't launch.

What is the correct syntax for this config file?


Sad to say there is no such option as storing settings in a config file with xfreerdp.
What you could do instead is use a scripting language and wrap xfreerdp by adding this functionality support.

For new cli versions of xfreerdp:

xfreerdp /bpp:15 ...

For deprecated cli versions:

xfreerdp -a 15 ...
  • Ow... sad to ear that, thank you my friend – kek Apr 25 '16 at 9:21
  • If I change system depth, will it change the rdp conecction bpp? – kek Apr 25 '16 at 9:32
  • 1
    It should as the default value is the depth of the root window. Keep also in mind that the color depth may also be limited by the server configuration. – marc Apr 25 '16 at 10:03

I like to use a combination of aliases and functions in .bashrc:

export RDP_OPTS="/d:... /u:... /bpp:32 +compression +fonts +aero +home-drive +clipboard"

rdp() {
    xfreerdp $RDP_OPTS /h:1050 /w:1680 /v:$1

rdp1() {
    xfreerdp $RDP_OPTS /f /v:$1

rdp2() {
    xfreerdp $RDP_OPTS /f /multimon /v:$1

This gives me three handy commands which take a server name as their only parameter:

  • rdp - rdp session in a window
  • rdp1 - full-screen rdp session (1 monitor)
  • rdp2 - full-screen rdp session (2 monitors)

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