I have the following command:

lftp -e 'mirror -R /local/backups /' -u username,password ftp://FTP_SERVER

this works fine, until I started cleaning the /local/backups folder. I'd like to upload new files to my FTP_SERVER without deleting those which don't exist locally anymore.

I've tried the additional flags:


but neither is working. Is it at all possible? I know rsync has such an option, but that doesn't work with FTP servers.

  • Yes, it doesn't look like mirror is the right thing. Possibly --skip-noaccess could work. Otherwise you might need to build an explicit file list rather than using -R. – Ralph Rönnquist Apr 24 '16 at 22:32

lftp mirror command does not remove files by default, only if you add -e or --delete options.

To confirm that, use mirror --dry-run option.

  • LFTP | Version 4.8.3 appears to have no --dry-run option – kevzettler Mar 25 '18 at 22:50
  • it's a mirror option, use it like this: lftp -c "mirror --dry-run ..." – lav Sep 25 at 9:24

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