In the recent udev(7) manpage (Fedora 22, systemd version 219), it seems that renaming a device node by udev using NAME key has been prohibited:

   The name to use for a network interface. See systemd.link(5) for a higher-level mechanism for setting
   the interface name. The name of a device node cannot be changed by udev, only additional symlinks can be

However, the first rule in /usr/lib/udev/rules.d/10-dm.rules looks very much like a renaming operation:

KERNEL=="device-mapper", NAME="mapper/control"

And by checking the existence of /dev/mapper/control you see the renaming operation succeeded.

Curiously, however I failed to create my custom udev rule to rename my usb disk from /dev/sdb to /dev/whatever. So I thought the manual was right about the renaming restriction.

So I'm really confused now, as the builtin device mapper rule seems working pretty well while the manpage and my custom rule tells me it should not.

What is the real situation? Can udev NAME rename device node or not?

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